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Schedule of final examination
1. Political Science and Public Admin. 30th April, 2011, 6:00pm-9:00pm
2. Research methodology, 3rd May, 2011, 7:00pm-10:00pm
3. Economics. 7th May, 2011, 6:00pm-9:00pm

Class Lecture Sheet of MPA in CSCD (First Semester)

A. TERM PAPER Format.ppt

B. Public Administration
Lecture-10: Evaluation of Administrative Reform Programs During Various Regimes
Lecture-9: Ethics in Administration
Lecture-8: Administrative Reform
Lecture-7: Comparative Public Administration
Lecture-6: Public Administration in Developing
Lecture-5: Evolution of the Public Administration Discipline: Theories and Paradigms
Lecture-4: Perspectives on Bureaucracy
Lecture-3: Theories of Public Administration
Lecture-2: Core Issues in Public Administration
Lecture-1: Introduction

C. Political Science
Lecture-12: Political Parties
Lecture-11: Evaluation Political Culture
Lecture-10: Political System Lec-10.doc
Lecture-9: Political Science Lec-9(Nationalism).doc
Lecture-8 : Political Science Lec-8(Organ of Government).doc
Lecture-7: **Forms of Government-7.ppt**
Lecture-6: **Forms of Government-6.ppt**
Lecture-5: sovereignty
Lecture-4: Constitution & Constitutional Development in Bangladesh
Lecture-3: The Concept of State
Lecture-2: Core Issues in political science (Society, state, government, Liberty)
Lecture-1: Introduction to Political Science

D. Economics
Solution of Class Test#03 on Macro Economics (MCQ)

Lecture-16: L-16 Dimensions of Economic Development.ppt
Lecture-15: L-15 Unemployment and inflation.ppt
Lecture-14: L-14 Monetary Policy.ppt
Lecture-13: L-13 Fiscal Policy.ppt
Lecture-12: L-12 IS-LM Macroeconomic Analysis.ppt
Lecture-11: L-11 Asset market, money and prices.ppt
Lecture-10: L-10 National Income Accounting.ppt
Lecture-10a: L-10a Consumption, savings and investment.ppt
Lecture-9: L-9 Productivity, output and employment.ppt
Lecture-8: L-8 National Income.ppt
Lecture-7: L-7 Introduction to Macroeconomics.ppt
Lecture-6: Economics L-6 Monopoly and Monopolistic competition.ppt
Lecture-5: Economics L-5 Perfect Competition.pdf
Lecture-4: Economics L-4 production and cost.pdf
Lecture-3: Economics L-3 Elasticity.pdf
Lecture-2: Economics L-2 Supply and demand.pdf
Lecture-1: Economics L 1- Introduction to Fundamentals of Economics.pdf

D. Research Methodology
Lecture 1-6: Research Methodology1700 Lec 1 to 6
Lecture 7-8: **Statistics presentation300 Lec 7 to 8**
Lecture 9- : RM-lecture 9 Regression Analysis200.ppt
1. One page research proposal for wiki
2. Presentation on research proposal for RM
3. Rules of promotion for Family Planning Cadre in Establishment Manual
4. Assignment on Fiscal Policy
5. Research Proposal_Promotion in FP Cadre.doc