Second semester Lecture Sheets delivered in CSC (GPP)

A. Governance and Public Policy
Lecture-1 : intro Public Policy-Hand out.pdf
Lecture- : Gov & Dev- Hand out.pdf
Lecture- :IMPLEMENTATION & Evltn.pdf

Class Presentation by-
1. Mizan(GPP#03) meaning of governance.ppt
2. good enough governance1_Hedait Mondol.ppt
3. Presentation Shamim GPP.ppt
4. Utpal's Presentation on Learning From Abroad.pptx

Dr. Rizwan Khair has recommended the following materials (2-21)

1. CSC-GPP- Assignment-2011.doc

2. What is governance.pdf

3. unpan022332.pdf

4. Unpacking Participation.pdf

5. Tri-sector governance-Rizvi.pdf

6. transformation of governance.pdf

7. traditions of governance.pdf

8. The Policy Process.pdf

9. The New Governance_Governing without government.pdf

10. intro Public Policy-Hand out.pdf

11. Grindle_GEGR.pdf

12. Grindle_GEG.pdf

13. Governancefor the future, UNDP .pdf

14. Governance without Government_Rethinking Public Administration.pdf

15. Governance as theory.pdf

16. Gov & Dev- Hand out.pdf

17. Good Enough Governance Revisited.pdf

18. Global Governance-CSC.pdf

19. Finkelstein.pdf

20. Changing Governance Patterns-CSC.pdf

21.Public Policy Mkng in BD-SMA.pdf

B. Ethics & Anti Corruption


Dr. Iftekeruzzaman delivered the following presentation

C. Poverty Alleviation

Class Presentation of
Gr1(GPP01-07) Social Protection Experience_Group1_1.ppt

Dr. Muhammad G. Sarwar Presented the following lectures (1-9)

1. Social Protection Experience.ppt

2. SFYP 2011 -2015.ppt

3. Perspective Plan 2010 -2021.ppt

4. Overview of Bangladesh PRSPs.ppt

5. MDG _progress 2009.ppt

6. An Overview of Poverty Reduction Strategies1.ppt

7.Foreign Aid Policy of Bangladesh _Dr[2]. Sarwar-3.ppt

8. Bilateral Aid Agencies.ppt

9. Multilateral Aid Agencies.ppt

Sharifa Khan Presented-
1. GO NGO in poverty alleviation 2011.ppt

Anwara Begum Ph.D. Presented-
1. Multi-Dimensional Nature of Poverty_anwara.ppt.ppt
2. Poverty and Health in Bangladesh_anwara.ppt.ppt

Dr. Mirza Azizul Gave the following materials(1-3) as lecture outline
1. Global and Govt_mirza aziz1.pdf

2. Globalization and Growth_mirza aziz.pdf

3. Inequlity and poverty_mirza aziz.pdf

D. Macro and Micro Economics


HRM in public sector.pdf

Dissertation Guide.doc