Third semester Lecture Sheets delivered in CSC (24 Sep.2011 to 11 Feb. 2012)

A. Project Development and Management- IER-CC-505/ GPP-EC-614

solution of problems_PDM_midterm.xls

Project Preparation Process-Revised.pdf
Development Project Proforma (DPP) format.doc

Lecture Delivered By Mr. Mosta Gausul Hoque

*.doc docume

CSC-PDM-Monitoring and Evaluation-2011.doc

CSC-PDM- Tips to PM-2011.doc
CSC-PDM-Individual Assignment-2011.doc

CSC-PDM-Project Implementation-Review-3-2011.doc
CSC-PDM-Project Planning-Review-2-2011.doc
CSC-PDM- Review-1-2011.doc

CSC-PDM-Project Closeout-2011.doc
CSC-PDM-Project Implementation-Class Room Exercise-2011,31-10-2011.doc
CSC-PDM-Project Implementation-2011.doc
CSC-PDM-Project Planning-2011.doc
CSC-PDM-Project initiation-2011.doc
CSC-PDM-Introduction to PM-2011.doc

Proposed Course Outline for PDM-Draft.doc

*.ppt documents

CSC-PDM- GOB-2011.ppt

B. Leading Issues in Governance in Bangladesh- GPP-CC-503/ IER-EC-614

Understanding Good Governance.ppt

Countering Terrorism in Bangladesh_Sec-Pub Admin.ppt

Poverty eradication and good governance -Ms.Irene Khan.ppt

Public Policies on Urban and Housing in Bangladesh-Works Secretary.doc

Bangladesh Position on Terrorism-final.doc

C. Strategic Management and Leadership – GPP-CC-504
Lecture Delivered ByDr. Golam M Sarwar

SM 12_Developing Leadership Skills.ppt
SM 11_Leading Change in Organization and Strategic Leadership by Executives.ppt
SM 10_Traits Skills for Managerial Leadership.ppt
SM 9_Strategic Management Case Study and Leadership.ppt

SM 8_Strategy Evaluation.ppt

SM 6_Analyzing alternative Strategies and Strategy Choice.ppt
SM5_Setting Objectives and Strategic Options.ppt
SM4_Assessment of Organization’s Internal Strength and Weakness.ppt
SM3_Assessment of Organization’s External Environment.ppt
SM2_Developing Strategic Vision and Mission Statement.ppt
SMoverview_Strategic Management_ an overview.ppt

Lecture Delivered By Dr. Syed Naquib Muslim
Lecture 1:
Lecture 2: